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As a bride-to-be busily planning a wedding for over 450 guests, I knew that time management would be essential.  When I decided to begin the Buff Brides workout, I realized it was going to be a huge commitment.  But having been to many weddings, I knew that all eyes would be on the bride.

I had always struggled with my weight but from the moment I got engaged, I knew that I wanted to look and feel my best for my wedding, my honeymoon and for the rest of my life as a married woman.

I had never thought in a million years that I would be able to wear a strapless gown or a two-piece bathing suit.  I worked out with Sue 3-4 days a week and was amazed at the difference after just three months: I had gone from a size 14 to a size 6!  Woo hoo!

By my wedding day, I had gone from 168 lbs to 145 and it was time for a completely new wardrobe.  I had learned that working out and eating right is the right combination to achieve your goals.  I had made the commitment to change my diet and follow the Weight Watchers plan and fuel my body only with good nutrients.  I’ve added biking, running, power walking and swimming to my fitness regimen.

It is so fun to feel good and empowered to know that I can accomplish anything.  I’ll never forget the feeling of pride that I had when I walked down the aisle and saw hundreds of people watching me, knowing how hard I had worked.

Colleen M, New York City


After I got engaged, my friend Krissy bought me Sue’s Buff Brides book and raved about how it totally changed her body.  I started the program six months before my wedding in the hopes of losing about 10 pounds and getting really toned up.

Since I live in the NY area, I had the added benefit of actually being able to workout with Sue herself!  I found that all the time I had previously spent laboring in the gym alone I wasn’t really working out the right way.  I was full of misconceptions about lifting too much weight, what the right form was for various exercises, and so on.

Sue’s book taught me how to combine cardio, weight training and strength training to reach my goals…and actually have fun doing it!  I have never felt stronger or healthier.  Sue and the program helped motivate me to push harder and now I have an incredible amount of energy…not to mention lean muscles I never knew were there!

Each of the workouts is challenging, creative and definitely fun.  Krissy was right; the Buff Brides program worked for me, too!  I love Sue’s incredible enthusiasm and unique fitness philosophy so much that 16 months after my wedding, I still workout with her and so does my husband!

Karen S, New York City


When we began training, I had already lost over 35 pounds by following the Weight Watchers program, but really wanted to be in the best shape of my life for the wedding pictures (they do last forever!).

While I was relatively comfortable with my weight, I wanted to be very toned and sculpted—particularly because I had chosen a strapless wedding gown.  By following Sue’s program 3 days per week, I was able to lose an additional 20 pounds and look absolutely amazing in my wedding gown!

I have never felt better about my body—particularly my arms, waist and thighs.  The Buff Brides program completely reshaped my body.  On the day of my wedding, I weighed a healthy 135 pounds—from a starting weight of over 180!

Now that the wedding is over, I continue to follow the regimen to stay in shape and maintain the muscle tone that I worked so hard to achieve.  Now that my husband and I are planning to start a family, I intend to be a Buff Mom-to-Be by following Sue’s pre-natal and post-natal workouts!  The Buff Brides program TRULY changed my life.

Sherice T, Long Island, NY