Modern Bride 2007 Trendsetters of the Year!

Each year, the magazine’s editors select leaders from all wedding-related fields: gown designers, wedding planners, stylists, photographers, and so on, who have made their unique mark in the multi-billion dollar wedding industry.

Sue is being honored for having created Buff Brides, and for its impact on brides-to-be throughout the country.

Past recipients of this prestigious honor have included Vera Wang, Wolfgang Puck, Kate Spade and Isaac Mizrahi

Congratulations, Sue!



When it comes to looking fashionable, it doesn't matter how old you are, how much money you have or what you do for a living.  If you want to look good in your clothes, you either have to wear them strategically to hide flaws or have a fit body.


Author Sue Fleming would probably opt for the latter, encouraging exercise as a lifelong way to feel good inside and out, but her newest book, "Fashionably Buff: Essential Workouts for Looking Great in Anything You Wear," helps women on both fronts.


Creator of the Buff Fitness workout regimen, which led to the reality TV series "Buff Brides", Fleming is also author of three other books: "Buff Brides," "Buff Moms-to-Be" and "Buff Moms."

"Fashionably Buff," written to help solve "fashion emergencies," targets specific body parts chapter by chapter to help women work with all the different clothes in their closets.  Workouts that include "Buff in a Tank Top," "The Super Buff Short-Shorts Workout" and "The Buff Bikini Workout" are broken down into a number of exercises targeting specific muscles to tone and tighten.


"I was listening to my clients, moms and moms-to-be about how they wanted to look great in their clothes and they wanted to wear sleeveless tops or they had a college reunion and wanted to wear their favorite little black dress but felt they couldn't. They felt those clothes were crime scenes roped off," said Fleming in a recent telephone interview.


Many women, regardless of finances or age, voiced the same concerns to Fleming over the course of her 10 years as a certified personal trainer.  They said that when it came to specific body parts they were clueless how to get themselves in better shape.  Many of her clients had been working the wrong areas hoping to get results and coming up short, not realizing genetics play a big hand.


I truly think a lot of this is educating women about that fact and working with what you've got and making smart choices," said Fleming.


Two of those smart choices are a healthful diet and exercise.


Fleming includes indispensable wardrobe tips in her book, but the focus is always on exercise, and she incorporates elements of cardio that she believes should become part of anyone's exercise routine.


"If you want noticeable changes, give yourself 12 weeks to see a difference in your overall health and fitness.  To get to these goals you need a combination of cario, because all the muscle groups are covered by a layer of fat," said Fleming, who notes that setting small, attainable goals will help keep you more focused and less overwhelmed.